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Jvc av 21e3 схема

Скачать jvc av 21e3 схема fb2

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Instruction Manual. Table of Contents. Chapters Ave3 Cg 1 Instructions The design of this product contains special hardware, many 9.

Isolation Check circuits and components specially for safety purposes. For Safety for Electrical Shock Hazard continued protection, no changes should be made to the original After re-ass embling the product, always perform an isolation design unless authorized in writing by the manufacturer.

Unplug the power plug. As shown in figure, remove the screws marked and a " " " " screw marked and a screw marked 3. Remove the back board and remove the power c ord from the rear c over. This memory IC data are for proper operation of the video and deflection circuits. When replacing memory ICs, be sure to us e ICs written with the initial values of data. Page 11 AVE3 5. If values had changed by the miss operation, set the initial setting values in the following table.

So, write the data in the micro- computer in accordance with the following procedures before starting adjustment. There ar e 2 way of adjusting this TV: One is with the 6.

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