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32el833r схема

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Indicates a hypothetical situation in which service personnel and nearby third parties, or even WARNING end users due to a product defect after the service operation is completed, could possibly be in danger of injury or even death in the event of operational error.

There is danger of injury to children from tools, disassembled products, etc. Failure to disconnect the power plug before starting work can result in electrical shock.

If the panel surface becomes soiled, wipe with cotton or a In the event that the screen is damaged or the liquid crystal soft cloth. If this does not remove the soiling, breathe on fluid leaks, do not breathe in or drink this fluid.

Page 6 7. Do not expose the LCD module to direct sunlight or strong ultraviolet rays for an extended period of time. Do not store the LCD module below the temperature con- ditions described in the specifications. Failure to do so could result in freezing of the liquid crystal due to cold air or loss of resilience or other damage. Overcurrent limiter detection LED is lit in 0.

When indication is other than "00", overcurrent is apt to flow, and circuit parts may possibly be dam- aged. Disconnect Disconnect — 18 — Model : 32HL83 Capacitors Page 28 Location Location Parts No. Description Parts No. Page 29 Location Location Parts No. Page 30 Location Location Parts No. Page 31 Location Location Parts No.

Раздел: Игровые приставки. Schnider STV шас Раздел: CRT Телевизоры. Раздел: Поиск и запрос прошивок телевизионной техники. Компрессор "Кач

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